How Long Do Smoothies Keep in the Fridge?

Making smoothies ahead is a great way to meal prep for a couple of days. Especially for those of you with an extremely busy work week. Smoothies are portable, tasty, and a great source of vitamins and minerals to start your day!

So, it is in your best interest to make a big batch (at least two days’ worth) and place them in your fridge for safekeeping.

On average, a smoothie will keep for about two days in your refrigerator if stored properly.

We have a few tips to keep your smoothies fresh and tasting great!

What kind of container do you store your smoothie in?

Although any container will do, one of the most common ways to store your smoothies is in mason jars–preferably with BPA-free lids. If you don’t have mason jars, don’t panic!

What makes the mason jar the best candidate is the thick glass and air-tight seal in a mason jar which makes it the perfect container to keep your smoothies fresh and ready to drink.

Filling the mason jar to the brim with your smoothie creation will decrease the chances of expiration because of the lack of oxygen. Fill them up!

Another neat trick is adding some freshly squeezed lemon juice to your recipe. A tablespoon will go a long way and it will not give your smoothie too much of a different taste. The citrus helps to keep your delicious smoothie from oxidizing and going bad.

Once you are ready to drink your smoothie, simply shake the jar briskly and enjoy!

How can you tell if the smoothie has been sitting too long?

If it has been over two days since your smoothie prep, the easiest way to tell if it is still edible is by smell. Trust your nose–if you smell a foul or abnormal odor, discard the smoothie and make a fresh batch for yourself.

If your smoothie smells alright but it looks questionable (lots of separation and discoloring), the smoothie has likely expired. Don’t consume it! Avoid the upset stomach, it’s not worth it!

On-the-go smoothies!

We realize that blending a fresh smoothie first thing in the morning is not a favorite activity. And, if making smoothies every morning is not your thing, we’ve got another unique tip for you!

This no-hassle/no-fuss method will allow you to enjoy the taste of a freshly blended smoothie without actually blending first thing in the morning. Here it is:

  • Blend your favorite smoothie the night before – don’t overpack with fruit, keep it minimal!
  • Place into mason jars and seal tightly. Place into the freezer – if you do not have space or spare mason jars:
  • Use a large ice-cube tray instead, placing the mixture into the cube spaces and allow to freeze overnight

In the morning, you will have pre-made frozen smoothies! Or, the next best thing, neatly packed smoothie cubes. Either way, allow to thaw, and voila! You have a smoothie without the hassle first thing!

For the smoothie cubes, place them into a mason jar or water bottle for transporting. There you have it! Get blending and try out new recipes!