Prune Juice vs Plum Juice (The Key Differences)

There should not be any second thought regarding the benefits of plum but do you know that this fruit produces two different kinds of juices?

Prune juice and plum juice, both are produced by this fruit and carries different taste. In this article, we will talk about prune juice vs plum juice and hopefully, the confusion will end here.

When the plums are dried, they became full of sugar. At this stage, they are called prunes, and their juice is known as prune juice. On the other hand, fresh plums extracted juices are called plum juice.

The extraction process, as well as, the taste is completely different for these two.


Prune Juice Vs Plum Juice: Comparison Between Plums and Prunes

Though the same fruit is behind the plum and prune juice, the disparities between these two are significant and noticeable. Before we point out the juicing differences, we must know the dissimilarities of plums and prunes.


Dried plum is a prune. For marketing purposes some people call it ‘dried plum’, on the other hand, some do not even know that there is a difference. Now the point is, it does not matter a plum or a prune, the genus is the same ‘Prunus’.


If you make research, you will find out over two thousand types of plums in its genus. And at least half of them are for prune which means dried plums.

In the grocery store, the juicy kinds are the plums. Except for juicing, you can use these plums for usual eating or baking.

The Pit:

In a prune, the pit is easy to remove while you have to give a bit more effort to remove the pit from a plum. At some stores, you will get pit removed prunes but it better is to check before eating.

In the case of juicing prunes, you should buy pit removed ones or remove the pits before juicing them. For plums, the pit will be always inside and you have to take out that by yourself.

Skin: To recognize plum and prune, taking a look at their skin is well enough. For a plum, the skin will be so fresh and alive that the intention might grow to taste one at once.

The skin color of plums may vary from red to lighter purple. On the contrary, prunes are dark blue or purple.

prune vs plum juice

Differences Between Prune Juice and Plum Juice

As there are some differences between plums and prunes, you will also find some differences between their juices.


The texture of prune juice will be thicker than plum juice. This is because the fiber value of prune is large.


Due to heavy sugar, prune juice will be sweeter than plum juice. The taste of plum juice is likely to other natural fruit juices with a tangy-sweet taste. Adding other ingredients will change the taste for both.


Fresh plum contains lots of nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, and the same you will get from plum juice. In prune juice, some of these healthy components may get missed, just like vitamin C.

As prune contains a good amount of fiber, its juice will accelerate digestion.

Health Benefits

Prune juice is rich in potassium while plum has more vitamin C properties. There is 707mg potassium in prune juice and 252mg in the same amount of plum juice.

Prune juice prevents osteoporosis and stroke, reduces blood pressure, and improves immunity. Plum juice is ideal for your skin and bone health, and also good for heart disease.

Wrap Up

There is nothing beneficial to argue about prune juice vs plum juice as both of them are great at some point and have lots of health values.

Based on your taste and consumption ability, you can prefer any of these two types of juice. No matter what type prefer, each juice will benefit you with unique taste, texture, and nutrients.