Do You Peel Ginger Before Juicing – A Conclusive Guide

Juicing is easy and simple but the processing or preparation is not the same for every ingredient. Considering peeling the skin, there are some certain items where no second-guess is needed, whereas some ingredients left us in confusion.

What about ginger, do you peel ginger before juicing?

If you want to know about intimidating ingredients then ginger will come first on the list. It has gnarly and rough skin that does not look squeezable but it is. The skin of ginger adds more nutritious elements that are helpful for health.

Juicing ginger with the peel is good in sense of the nutritious value but it might not be good for the juicer.

As fresh ginger is rough and the peel can be a lot to handle for some juicers, you can still find the best ginger juicer that can handle ginger with peel without hassle.

Peel the Ginger or Not – What Should You Do?

There is nothing bad in terms of not peeling the ginger considering the health benefits. But if your juicer cannot handle the pressure, then it better is to peel it off.

Besides, the skin can bring on pesticides or chemicals that you should never expect in your juice. To prevent it, a proper wash before juicing will be enough.

Will the Taste Change by Peeling Off Ginger?

If the taste is your concern, then with skin or without the skin is not a matter of fact. The skin of the ginger tastes almost the same as the inside part. So, there will be no extra taste by keeping or removing the skin.

Ginger Peel – Any Use of It except Juicing?

If juicing is not the way that you want to do with the ginger peel, there are several ways to use it. Take a look at the following points, who knows you might love some of them.

Great Flavor

If you are a vegetable or a fish lover, then you can extend its taste by using some ginger peels. Put the peels into a streamer with vegetables or fish and you will love the taste.

Good for Marinade

Ginger peel is perfect for the marinade. If you have the plan to cook later or marinate some foods, you can use the ginger peel in it. The taste will be no lees of ginger and most importantly it will save the gingers for your next cooking or juicing.

You can also try to make ginger broth with ginger peels. It will taste good and will add some spicier flavor to the food. For those who are having cough trouble, ginger peel in the tea can be a great solution.

The uses of ginger peels are many. If you have nothing to do with it right now, save it for later. It is easy to refrigerate and will not lose its quality for a long time.

How to Peel Ginger Quickly?

Using a metal spoon, you can easily get off the peel of ginger. The usual process is to use a knife but it will take an amount of ginger with the peel. So, there is no point to waste this valuable piece while peeling.

Wrap Up

When the skin of ginger is great for your health, why peel it off by doing some extra work? If your juicer can handle the skin then you should juice with the peel after a quick wash. Except for juicing, the peels are great for other uses also.