How Long Does Orange Juice Last – A Detailed Guide

Can you find anyone who doesn’t like orange juice? Orange juice is a common item in any refrigerator. But everyone is afraid of the sinister smell of orange juice in the refrigerator. If the condition becomes worst, it might smell like vinegar.

Whether it’s a breakfast supplement or a cocktail, you have undoubtedly looked at orange juice and stared at how long it would last. In this guide, you will learn in detail how long does orange juice lasts.

How Long Does the Fresh Orange Juice Last?

Although this may be the most elegant nature of orange juice on the earth, unfortunately, freshly squeezed orange juice does not last as long as others.

Freshly squeezed orange juice, with proper cooling and storage, will last two to three days.

In the freezer, it can last from three to four months and retains all its natural taste. Pasteurization is the possible reason behind this.

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Frozen orange juice may remain in the freezer for more than a year and remain healthy, but it may begin to lose its taste. When the frozen orange juice in the refrigerator thaws, it can take another 2-3 days.

Like all other entrances, you have to use it immediately if it is thawed with cold water or a microwave.

How Long Does Orange Juice Last in Fridge?

When you finish making the juice, I advise you to drink it immediately after doubling the nutrient. The oxidation process begins immediately after the juice, but you can drink it from the refrigerator within 2 to 3 days.

For the most beneficial results, drink right away. Still, you may get nutrients after cooling, but the quality will decline over time. If it constantly freezes, the orange juice concentrate should last about a year.

However, it indicates that the juice was not open and was not damaged. After that, it loses taste but should be safe to eat. Even if the date on the package expired, if no one opened it and remained frozen, everything should be in order.

Concentrated orange juice has a texture and quality comparable to bottles and light orange juice. Despite the nature of orange juice you have and the storage method you use, always double-check if orange juice has run out of time.

How to Know the Orange Juice Is Not in Good Condition?

In general, you can pretty swiftly determine when orange juice performed better. We have a few tips, so you always identify that the orange juice is healthy and fresh.

You can notice something grown over the juice. One of the most reliable ways to determine if your stored orange juice is good is when you see mold marks. When your orange juice deteriorates, you may notice small spores begin to grow and exit the bottle.

These bacteria are harmful, and you should not drink them! Shake the juice with a lid and pour little juice yields into a glass is packaged in a card box. If you closely monitor for signs of mildew, also check the juice color. Keep away from drinking orange juice if you notice any stigma.

Notice unpleasant odor. In general, orange juice contains a special and fresh aroma that most people like. Take the smell of your juice. If it smells sour like vinegar, it’s spoiled or too close. If you cannot feel the fresh citrus aroma, stay away.

Also, you can feel some unusual taste if the juice deteriorates. I would recommend you drink after the preparation to feel the real taste of orange with maximum nutritional value.

Wrap Up

You can store the fresh orange juice and use that later. The recommended limit is 72 hours, though you can store that for an extended period. But as mentioned before, drink any juice immediately. This way will give you the more amazing taste and lots of health benefits.