is apple juice diuretic

Is Apple Juice a Diuretic? – Find the Answer

As a great nutrient supplier, apple juice has worldwide acceptability. This healthy and delicious fruit is easily edible and does not require any particular season to harvest. But there is a debate ongoing regarding this fruit that is apple juice a diuretic or not, and here we will try to conclude this controversy.

Besides the healthy treat of apple juice, it purges unnecessary elements from your bladder that helps to cleanse your body. So, you can take apple juice as a diuretic if you are having urinary problems.

To stay healthy, diuretics like apple juice is essential for you. Moreover, it has antiseptic properties that work as a mild, natural laxative. According to the experts, this fruit has almost all the necessary components that many delicious fruits have.

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Is Apple Juice a Diuretic?

Due to our food habit and the side effects of several medicines, unnecessary and harmful elements get store in our body, most importantly in the bladder. So, it is very vital to get rid of all these to keep us fit and away from any sort of urinary problems.

As said before, there is no use of waste products in our body. To filter it out with excess water and salt, it is the kidney that works hard and makes the job done. While the filtering is completed, the blood reabsorbs the salt and the water and makes them circulate through the body.

At this stage, the waste products are the only leftovers that turn into urine and get released from the body through urinating. The act of a diuretic starts here as it stops the excess water and the salt to get reabsorbed into your blood. So, if you take a diuretic, the chances of peeing increase.

As apple contains most of the features of a diuretic, we can definitely consider apple as a diuretic. It has so many health benefits and like other fruits, a little drawback as well.

Positive Roles of Apple Juice as a Diuretic

By taking apple juice as a diuretic, the overall water volume (waste) of your body will be decreased. But there are a few positive sides that are helpful for your body. Below we have listed a few positive sides of taking diuretics.

Edema: If your body starts to retain excess water and fluid, it is considered as edema. It can cause congestive heart failure and other serious diseases. As diuretic helps to get rid of excess water, apple juice can be a good medication for somebody.

Glaucoma: To protect the optic nerve, a diuretic like an apple juice works well by reducing extra water and fluid surrounding your eyes. As a result, the optics nerves stay secured and the condition of your eyes stays better.

High Blood Pressure: We all know that diuretics lower the blood volume in your body. So, if the blood volume is low, the blood pressure will be lower as well.

Immune System Booster: To strengthen the immune system, vitamin C is very important. And apples are a good source of it. It will help your body to fight flu, cold, and germs.

As a diuretic, apple juice will take care of your heart and other sensitive organs.

Wrap Up

Hope, there is no confusion left to consider apple juice as a diuretic. It is also called a ‘water tablet’ because of the health value that apples carry. If you consider the positive sides then there are many, but before taking apple juice as a diuretic, expert advice will make it risk-free.