Omega 365 juicer

Omega H3000D Juicer Review

When it comes to manufacturers of juicers, the name Omega stands tall above many competitors. There is no shortage of contenders for the title of finest Omega juicer.

For this guide, however, I will focus on the H3000D. This model is commonly referred to as the Cold Press 365, which gives you an idea of what it specializes in. The bigger question remains, though. Is this appliance worthy of your time and hard-earned dollars?

First Impressions

Constructed from sleek black plastic, it’s hard not to be impressed by
the H3000D. From the moment you unbox this appliance, it’s clear that you are
playing with the big boys.

If you’re new to juicing, the many and varied components may seem
initially baffling. Don’t panic – you’ll soon learn what’s what. Every component
in the box serves a purpose, and additional peripherals can be purchased

This appliance is comparatively light, weighing in at just under 8 lbs.
The dimensions measure 16.9 x 12.1 x 9.6″, so you shouldn’t struggle to
fit this juicer into any standard kitchen.

Happily, it also only takes a minute or two to fully assemble. The
manual will help with this. Instructions are printed in plain, understandable
English. The visage of the juicer is also plain, so you won’t be overloaded by
options or buttons.

You may want to give your juicer a quick wash before attempting to use
it for the first time. Just wash each component independently.


Naturally, the only thing that really matters is performance. Before
laying down any money for the Omega H3000D, you’ll need to be sure that it
meets your needs.

First thing’s first – if you’re looking for a multi-function juicer,
this isn’t the model for you. The H3000D is concerned with slow juicing fresh
ingredients for delicious, nutritious juice. Nothing more and nothing less. If
you need to make nut milk, desserts or baby food, move along and look at a more
advanced appliance.

If you want the best juicer on the market in this price range, however,
you are in the right place. This model has a narrow field of expertise, but it performs
its core duties very well. The juice produced by the Omega H3000D is
nutritious and delicious, with practically no foam.

This makes this appliance great for health-conscious juicers switching to a liquid diet. The blades of this device move at 90 rotations per minute. This is a little faster than some rival masticating juicers, but you wouldn’t tell from the results. Everything is fresh and devoid of heat and oxygenation. The motor is pleasantly quiet, too.

In addition, this juicer does a fine job of filtering and capturing
pulp. This serves two purposes. Fussy drinkers won’t be put off by the presence
of ‘bits’ in their beverage, while the pulp can be recycled and applied to
salads. Seriously – not a drop of nutrition goes to waste when using this

Another selling point of the Omega H3000D is simplicity. Everything
about using this juicer is a breeze. Feeding ingredients into the tube is no
drama, and you won’t need to chop them particularly small. That’s a huge

There is no messing around with features on the appliance, either.
Fruit and veg go in, juice comes out. Disassembly and cleaning can also be wrapped
up in around two minutes. The yield of this juicer is impressive, too –
provided you use the right ingredients.

You may wish to look for a specialist machine if you plan to bring significant amounts of leafy green superfoods into your diet, most notably celery. Many juicers, including some significantly costlier than the H3000D, struggle with these ingredients. This juicer can clog when asked to process stringy ingredients. For everyday fruit and vegetable juice, however, it’s a winner.

Warranty and Availability of
Spare Parts

If I was to find fault with the Omega H3000D, it’s with the
comparatively limited warranty. This appliance is only covered for a year in
the event of a breakdown.

I have no reason to believe that this will be a major issue. The juicer
seemed sturdy enough throughout my use. All the same, a longer guarantee would
have been nice.

The good news is, genuine Omega spare parts are comparatively easy to
come by. They’re also relatively inexpensive. You can order straight from
Omega, or you’ll find them on Amazon.

Given the affordable price of this juicer, I’d say the short warranty
is a risk worth taking. Just don’t push your appliance beyond its reasonable

Concluding Thoughts

I would not hesitate to recommend the Omega H3000D to anybody new to juicing – especially if the lifestyle change is linked to health. This is a perfect way to pack your diet with fresh fruit and vegetables. The results will be tasty and packed with nutrition.

There are other juicers – including many in the Omega range – that offer greater variety in performance. The H3000D sacrifices these bells and whistles for offer superb performance in just one job. Coupled with an appealing price point, there is plenty to love about this appliance