Best Masticating Juicer 2022 (9 Model Compared and Reviewed)

A  juicer is a great investment for any family. If your family enjoys fruit and vegetables, juicing ensures that you’ll gain all the vitamins and nutrients of these ingredients. What’s more, juicing keeps your ingredients fresh for days. You can say goodbye to wasted food with the use of a juicer.

Below you will find reviews of what I consider to be the best masticating juicer of this type on the market. I have divided these reviews into different categories. This way, you can find the juicer that’s best for you.

Pick of the Best Masticating Juicer 2021

How Does a Masticating Juicer Work?

Masticating juicers are also known as slow juicers or cold-pressed juicers. They have this name because they only use a single gear. This means that they produce juice slowly, but efficiently.

Slow is good in this case. It means that no heat or oxidation is produced. This helps your juice retain the nutrients of the fruit and vegetables.

Ingredients are fed into the chute of a masticating juicer. From here, they are passed through an auger and blade. These move at a rate of between 80 RPM and 100 RPM. As discussed, this slower pace helps your ingredients retain their goodness. It also means that your juice will stay fresh for longer.

9 Masticating Juicers – Reviews

Editor’s Pick – Omega NC900 HDC Nutrition Center

best budget masticating juicer

I consider the Omega nc900hdc to be the best choice overall. This piece of machinery will suit the needs of most families.

It also offers great value for money. It’s very difficult to find any kind of fault with this appliance, especially if you’re looking for a cold-pressed juicer!

Firstly, this juicer provides very high yields. This is a huge selling point and the very reason why most people consider purchasing masticating juicers.

Perhaps more importantly, the juice it produces remains packed with nutrients. Any juice created by the nc900 will be very high in fiber.

This makes this juicer great for anybody looking to lose weight through juicing. The fiber will keep you feeling fuller for longer.

As well as this, the nc900 is very fast, both to use and to clean. Once you have finished with your juicer, it can be cleaned in less than 80 seconds. This means that you’re unlikely to experience a problem. If you do, this juicer comes with a 15-year warranty for users in the USA and Canada.

As a high-quality all-rounder, it’s impossible to look past the NC900 HDC. This is why it’s my overall Editor’s Pick and a model that I would recommend to anybody.

Good for:

  • Leafy greens vegetables.
  • Nut butter and almond milk.
  • Baby food.
  • Losing weight through juicing.

Budget Pick – Aicok Single Auger Juice Extractor

masticating juicer best

In the spirit of full disclosure, I’d like to be clear. I do not consider this model to be the budget masticated juicer on the market.

However, I do consider it to be the best low-budget juicer. If you are not looking to spend too much money, you cannot go wrong with this Aicok model.

Although it’s inexpensive, this juicer is still perfectly safe. It also produces nutritious juice. The blades rotate at around 80 RPM, so plenty of vitamins remain.

The slow rate also means that little foam makes its way into the juice. This juicer also rarely clogs up. It just needs a rest every fifteen minutes or so.

You can find better juicers if you’re prepared to pay more. Other juicers will have more features; this particular gadget is more no-frills.

There is no nut butter on offer here. This makes it is ideal for somebody new to juicing, though. The reverse function is also a benefit. This will minimize the risk of clogging, while the appliance is also BPA-free.

The Aicok slow juicer will meet your needs in the short- to medium-term. This makes it great for anybody that isn’t quite sure if juicing is a long-term project. The warranty is just three years for this juicer though, so it will certainly last long enough to make your mind up.

Good for:

  • Soft fruits and vegetables, such as oranges or Medical medium celery juicing.
  • Small and narrow ingredients.
  • Basic, no-frills juicing on a budget.

Upgrade Pick – Tribest GSE-5000 Twin Gear Juicer Machine

juicers masticating

This machine is great for anybody that wishes to upgrade from an older model.

The GSE-5000 is a twin-gear juicer, and contains what the manufacturer describes as ‘jumbo gears.’ This means that this juicer produces high yields at a quick pace. This speed does not sacrifice all-important nutrition, though.

This juicer provides delicious and healthy drinks. This is due to a unique approach to juicing.

This juicer mixes the juice and pulp of the ingredients fed into it, before releasing the liquid. This, in turn, means that not a drop of goodness is wasted. That’s a trait that is critical to all the best masticating juicers.

The best news is that you can choose how much pulp your juice contains. There are multiple settings on the juicer that decide this. If you dislike any kind of pulp, you can have a completely smooth drink. If you like a little roughage in your juice, the GSE-5000 will release this.

This juicer also comes with a lengthy warranty of 12 years and is very easy to clean and assemble. It’s a perfect step-up for anybody that began with a cheaper juicer and is now looking for something sturdier.

Good for:

  • Kale, spinach, and other nutrient-dense superfoods.
  • Fresh salsa and other, similar dips.
  • Sauces to apply to dishes.
  • Who loves little or no pulp.

Best Wide Chute Pick – Kuvings B6000 Machine

juicer masticating

The size of the feeding chute on your juicer is important. The wider a chute, the more you can juice at once.

This will be appealing to many people. Nobody wants to spend hours chopping fruits and vegetables until they fit into a juicer.

I consider the Kuvings B6000 the highest-performing wide-chute juicer on the market.

The top-loading feeding tube of this model measures 76mm. This means that you’ll get plenty of ingredients into your juicer at once. Don’t panic if you overfill it, though. There’s always the trust reverse function to rectify your mistake.

You could feed an entire apple, for example, without cutting it first. You can also feed heavier, sturdier vegetables without forcing them into the tube. This makes this juicer ideal for anybody with restricted strength and mobility in their hands.

This juicer is also a 3-in-1 gadget. In addition to juice, you can use it to make smoothies or sorbets. This means that you can create delicious and healthy breakfast shakes and tasty desserts.

You could even prepare all these things at the same time. This juicer operates for at least thirty minutes before needing a break. When we also consider the warranty runs for 10 years, this is a great juicer for regular use.

Good for:

  • Large, awkwardly shaped fruits and vegetables.
  • Breakfast smoothies and dessert sorbets.
  • Fruit-based cocktails and similar drinks.

Best Model for No-Frills Juicing – KOIOS

best juicer masticating

KOIOS is a new entrant into the masticated juicer market. However, this is a solid first entry for them.

I recommend this juicer to anybody that wants a strong, simple appliance. This juicer will not win any awards for originality or innovation. It produces results at an affordable price, though.

One thing that the KOIOS juicer does offer is pressure control. This means that you can tailor to juicer according to your ingredients.

Tough root vegetables, such as carrots, will benefit from the harder setting. Apples and cucumbers, meanwhile, will flourish on the soft setting.

This model is particularly effective when juicing leafy greens. It extracts all possible vitamins from the likes of kale and spinach.

This is despite running at a slightly higher speed of 80 RPM. This motor is guaranteed for ten years by warranty. The other parts of the juicer are covered for 3 years. It’s also perfectly safe, with the manufacturing being BPA-free.

This juicer is easy to set up, and comparatively simple to clean. It’s fine as a starting point if you can afford a juicer slightly better than the lowest tier. It does not have many bells and whistles, but this is part of its charm. The KOIOS juicer has one job, and it does it well.

Good for:

  • Quiet and efficient juicing that will not cost the earth.
  • High-fiber fruits and vegetables, including leafy greens.
  • Tough or gnarly root vegetables, such as carrots and beets.
  • High juice yield.

Best for Shoppers with Deep Pockets – Super Angel

If you want the very best of the best masticating juicers, you’ll need a budget to match.

If this applies to you, look no further than the Super Angel Deluxe. I consider this to be the Rolls Royce of press juicers. If you juice regularly, the Super Angel Deluxe is worth saving up for.

Yes, this model is expensive. You get what you pay for, though. This juicer looks stunning, made from stainless steel.

It’s sturdy too and comes with a 10-year warranty – though you’re unlikely to need it. All the same, this will provide a means to repair the juicer if the worst happens.

The results are also spectacular. It produces a very high yield of juice, and the nutrients are all present and correct. You’ll taste the difference if you use this juicer. The pulp is as dry as a bone and as small as a grain of sand. It can also cope well with leafy greens, and will also make nut butter and other, similar recipes.

This appliance takes up a small amount of space in your kitchen. It’s very simple to clean. It can be used near-constantly without overheating.

It can be used to juice just about any ingredient that you can think of. Above all, it produces delicious juice that must be experienced to be believed.

Good for:

  • Delicious and nutritious fruit juice of any origin.
  • Baby food, Tofu
  • Nut Butter and milk.
  • Wheatgrass and other herbs.

Best Commercial Masticating Juicer – Champion G5-PG710

If you have a business that serves juices, a tabletop model will not meet your needs.

You’ll need an appliance that can work steadily, producing constant high yields. Naturally, though, you’ll need to make sure that nutrition and flavor are not sacrificed.

If you are seeking a commercial juicer, I recommend the Champion G5-PG710. This juicer works hard and is built to last. You’ll be protected by a warranty of ten years.

The chute is not huge, so you might need to chop up your ingredients. You can keep going with this, though. Like a true Champion, this juicer does not take time off. It will continue to work for hours straight.

Of course, this juicer isn’t just for businesses. If you regularly cater parties, you’ll find it helpful. Just ensure that you have enough space for it. As a commercial juicer, this is not something that fits neatly into a kitchen.

The juice that is created remains as healthy as it is tasty. Be aware that the size of this juicer means it generates more heat, though. The yield of this juicer will not last quite as long as a small model. Always consume your juice quickly after making it.

Good for:

  • Constant juicing.
  • Muesli and similar breakfast cereals
  • Ice cream.
  • Great for catering parties.
  • Juice Bar

Best Slow Masticating Juicer – SKG A10

best masticating juicer 2018

Many people like to juice fruits just as much as vegetables. If you like refreshing, sweet fruit juice, this model from SKG is very much worth looking into.

It may not be the prettiest on the block, but it’s BPA-free, has a reverse function, and ticks many other boxes I look for in masticating juicers.

This model of masticated juicer has a wide chute, so you can fit plenty into the feeding chute.

Will save a lot of time if you use larger ingredients. Melons and large pears, for example, not will have to be cut into tiny pieces. This time saving could be invaluable. This is also one of the slower juicers on the market.

As we have pointed out before though, slowly does not mean bad with juicers. The slower the gadget works, the more nutrients you’ll see in your juice.

With a blade speed of just 60 RPM, you’ll enjoy the particularly high performance from this juicer. Your fruit will be as healthy as it is delicious, and you’ll enjoy high yields. This motor is also protected by a warranty of 2 years.

This juicer should be used in short, controlled bursts. It starts to struggle and block after around ten minutes of constant use.

This is especially likely if you’re trying to juice leafy greens. Even the best masticating juicers struggle with that, though. At least the wide chute means that you can create plenty of juice within that time limit.

Good for:

  • Fruit juice, especially larger fruits.
  • Berry smoothies.
  • High-nutrition juicing.

Best Manual Masticating – Lexen GP27

macerating juicer

Sometimes, a hands-on approach is preferable to technology. If you are not afraid of getting involved with your juicing, consider the Lexen GP27.

This is a manual juicer, which means that you’ll turn a handle to squeeze your ingredients. If these parts fail, the juicer has a warranty of two years.

Being manually controlled, this will take longer to use than an electric model. However, this means that you can work as fast or slow as you like.

If you’re unconvinced that electric juicers retain nutrients from your ingredients, this is the answer. This juicer will be completely cold-press, so there is no chance of losing vitamins.

This manual juicer provides high yields and leaves little waste behind. It’s also simple to clean. You may need strong hands to operate it, though. Tough root vegetables may pose a challenge. It can cope with leafy greens though, and it’s a safe choice as it is completely BPA-free.

However, if you’re looking to masticate wheatgrass and similar ingredients, the Lexen GP27 is the pick of the bunch. It’s much cheaper than an electric juicer and performs its work admirably.

Just make sure you understand the limitations of a hand juicer. You won’t be able to make nut butter or anything else with this appliance.

Good for:

  • Wheatgrass and associated ingredients.
  • Pre-chopped fruits and vegetables.
  • Citrus fruits.
  • Manually engaging with your juicing.

Do I Need a Masticated Juicer?

Masticated juicers are not necessarily essential for everybody. It’s true that these appliances are versatile and deliver great results.

However, quality invariably comes with a price tag. If you’re just an occasional juicer, or you’re working to a tight budget, there may be other types of juicers that meet your needs better.

Overall, I would say that the following criteria of consumers would benefit from these juicers.

  • Those juicing for health reasons, as such as looking to improve immunity and combat illness
  • Families that juice regularly, in larger quantities (that’s creating juice for numerous people daily)
  • Households with various needs that could be achieved with one appliance, such as making milk, baby food, nut butter, and desserts
  • Fans of appliances that are easy to clean

If you fall into any of the following categories, do a little more research and decide if this is the best kind of appliance for your needs.

  • New juicers that are wondering if this lifestyle and diet plan works for them
  • Crash-dieters looking for a short-term juice fast
  • Smoothie enthusiasts (you’re better off with a blender if you’re looking for smoothies)
  • Fans of leafy greens that are looking for a quick juicing experience

Overall, I love masticated juicers. I am also acutely aware that I juice for a living, though. Ultimately, comparing different types of juicers can be akin to contrasting apples and oranges.

Everybody has their preferences and their reasons for choosing a make and model of juicer.

What to Look for in a Masticated Juicer

As discussed, a slow juicer is not always cheap. This means that your eye will naturally be drawn to price. There is nothing wrong with this. Even I don’t think that anybody should plunge themselves into debt for the sake of a shiny new juicer!

However, price is not the only thing that matters. Keep the adage in mind here – “buy cheap, pay twice.” Even so, the most expensive option is also not always the best. Things to keep in mind when choosing a juicer for your home include:

  • Size and dimensions – will the juicer fit into your kitchen?
  • Materials – juicers are made from different materials. Stainless steel and BPA-free plastic are ideal.
  • Aesthetics – you may not think you care about how your juicer appliance looks, but nobody wants a kitchen appliance that stands out like a sore thumb
  • Performance – the whole point of purchasing a masticated juicer is high yield. Make sure the model is considering offers maximum nutrition
  • Noise – nobody wants a juicer that makes their house sound like an airport first thing in the morning. Is the juicer quiet in operation, or does it have an ear-splitting motor?
  • Versatility – does the juicer do everything that you’ll need from it? You may want to make desserts, baby food, and nut butter as well as just juice.
  • Ingredients – what are your favorite ingredients for juicing, and will the appliance you have your eye on handling them well? Leafy greens can be problematic, even if they offer the best health benefits.
  • Warranty – how long is the warranty on the juicer? You’ll want a measure of protection for your investment and outlay. A warranty of one or two years may not be enough.

As you can see, there are all things to give serious consideration before committing to a juicer. You’ll find the answers to these questions, and more, throughout my site!

Can Masticated Juicers Handle Any Ingredient?

On paper, masticated juicers are completely versatile and can handle anything. Juicing isn’t done on paper, though. Some ingredients – especially popular vegetables like celery, or leafy greens – can get stuck in the blades of a juicer.

With this in mind, don’t purchase a juicer blind. Think about what you would like to put into your juicer, potentially drawing up some meal plans. This is not just limited to juice. What will you need for nut butter, for example, or a sorbet?

Do your research after this, ensuring that these favored ingredients will not cause an issue with the appliance. I really can’t stress enough how important this is with leafy greens. This is the only way to get what you want from your juicer and avoid breaking or blunting the blades with inappropriate ingredients.

Taking Care of a Masticated Juicer

Even if you have a long warranty on your juicer, you’ll need to take care of it. Warranties only cover mechanical faults and structural issues. Neglect will void your guarantee, and leave you facing the double blow of no juicer and a high bill for a replacement.

In addition, it can take a while for a warranty-covered repair to be completed. You could be without your juicer for around two weeks while it is being repaired or replaced. You really won’t want to experience that unless it is strictly necessary.

Thankfully, there are some steps you can take to keep your juicer in great working order. These include:

  • Regular, thorough cleaning of the juicer – inside and out. Don’t let that nut butter clog and congeal!
  • Keep one eye on the blades of the juicer, sharpening them if necessary
  • Don’t push the motor too hard by plugging it into an insufficient power source
  • Give your appliance regular, lengthy breaks between juicing sessions
  • Be careful to only use ingredients designed for the juicer
  • I hope this goes without saying, but don’t drop the juicer on the floor!

If you follow these tips, you’ll enjoy a long and happy relationship with your appliance. That warranty will remain a useful way to retain peace of mind, and hopefully unnecessary.

Masticating Juicers FAQs

Is a Masticating Juicer the Same as Cold Press?

Yes, “cold press” is another term for masticating when it comes to purchasing a juicer. Essentially, a masticated juicer runs slow and at a lower temperature. This means that it retains nutrition that would otherwise be lost in a high-speed, hot juicing process.

What is a Slow Masticating Juicer?

In many respects, calling an appliance a, “slow masticated juicer” is using a needless adjective. A masticated juice is, by its very nature, a slow juicer.

If an appliance is marketed as a slow-masticated juicer, it is leaning heavily on the nutritional value that the kitchen gadget will extract from ingredients.

What is the Best Masticating Juicer on the Market?

This depends on what you are looking for. Everybody has different needs. This is why I have tailored my recommendations to particular requirements.

As you’ll see, I consider the NC900 from Omega juicer to be the best pick overall. Choose your juicer based on what your family needs most, though. There is no shortage of options.

Which Masticating Juicer is Easiest to Clean?

All the appliances that I have profiled are comparatively easy to clean. To make your life even simpler, look for a dishwasher-safe model.

As the Lexen GP27 is hand-operated it’s less fiddly to clean as you won’t need to work around electrical components. The others are largely simple too, though – including my cherished chrome finish NC900 (which also has that fabled 15-year warranty!)

Is a Masticating Juicer Better?

This is an impossible question to answer without context, as, “better” and “best” are subjective terms. There are definite advantages to using a masticated juicer, though.

These appliances tend to provide a higher yield of nutrition, making them advisable to anybody juicing for health. They’re also very versatile gadgets.

How Long Does it Take for Fresh Juice to Lose its Nutrients?

The fresher your juice is, the more nutrients it contains. Ideally, you should always consume the juice within thirty minutes. This will help you gain the maximum health benefits.

If you use a masticated juicer, however, your juice will not spoil for around 72 hours. Just remember, the longer you wait, the less nutrition you’ll receive.

Can I Freeze My Juice After Juicing?

Yes, freezing is generally safe. Your juice will lose a little nutrition, but not much. Freezing is certainly better than allowing the juice to spoil.

If you don’t plan to drink your juice immediately, freeze it. This will sustain the juice for as long as a month or two.

Does Breville Make a Masticating Juicer?

Breville is best known for its centrifugal juicers. They have released a masticated juicer, though. The model number is BJS600XL.

This is a fine juicer and may be worth investigating if you are brand-loyal to Breville. However, I consider the models that I have recommended to be superior.


I hope this guide has answered all your questions about masticated juicers. You can now proceed with a purchase, educated about the best models on the market.

Enjoy your juicing journey, and look forward to the health benefits that come along enjoying delicious juice!