Best Manual Juicer 2022 (5 Hand Press Juicer Compared)

Electronic juicers are great, but sometimes a manual juicer does the job better. These appliances are lighter than their electronic counterparts and don’t require the use of a power socket. If you’re using particular ingredients, you may also benefit from picking up the best manual juicer possible.

Manual juicers sometimes need a little more physical labor to operate. It’s often an effort that’s worth making, though. By applying the manual touch to your juicing, you’ll be in complete control of the results. This guide explains whether a non-electric juicer is the best choice for

Pick of the Best Manual Juicers 2020

  • Editor’s Pick – Lexen GP27 Manual Juicer
  • Budget Pick – Bellemain Stainless Steel Squeezer
  • Upgrade Pick – Hamilton Beach 932 Juicer

Why Choose a Manual (a.ka. Hand Press) Juicer?

There are many advantages to a manual juice press, especially with challenging ingredients. Wheatgrass, for example, often clogs up an electric juicer. You will not experience this with a manual juicer. You can unpick any blockages as you go.

The yield and quality production of a hand juicer is also impressive. These appliances have no motor, and thus do not run hot. This ensures no nutrition is lost in the juicing process. If you’re juicing for health reasons, a manual appliance will often provide the best results.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

The biggest challenge of a hand juicer is the physicality required. If you’re using a manual juicer, you’ll have to get interactive. That can be challenging for anybody with arthritis or similar restrictions. If you have strong hands and arm muscles, however, a manual juicer should pose no problem.

5 Manual Juicers Detailed Reviews

If you’ve decided that manual juicing is the way forward, the next step is pivotal. You need to choose the best manual juice Press for your home or business. That’s where I come in – let’s take a look at five of the finest options available to you!

Lexen GP27 Healthy Juicer

I namechecked wheatgrass earlier in this article as a problem ingredient for electric juicers. If you’re an enthusiast of this ingredient, the Lexen GP27 healthy juicer is the way forward. This juicer will comfortably process leafy greens. I consider it best for wheatgrass.

This is a hand crank juicer, so it’s simple to use. You’ll simply load your ingredients into the top and turn the handle on the side.

The juicer weighs less than 2.5 lbs so it’s perfectly mobile, but it feels reassuringly heavy while you’re using it. Once you find your flow, you’ll be able to enjoy fresh juice in less than a minute.

Assembly and disassembly are simple, so you can quickly clean your juicer up after use. Overall, this juicer offers a fast, simple and effective way to boost your health through leafy green juices. The appliance is covered by a 12-month warranty, but it’s a sturdy model that will last much longer.

Good For:

  • High yield and nutrition
  • Juicing wheatgrass, kale, or spinach
  • Manual Celery Juicer

Bellemain Premium Quality Stainless Steel Squeezer

Manually squeezing lemons can sometimes be a real drag. That isn’t the case with this squeezer from Bellemain. It’s simple itself to use. Just cut a lemon in half and squeeze. No peeling is required.

As a stainless steel manual juicer, this appliance looks classy and elegant. It also remains clean and devoid of rust throughout use.

Don’t worry if you have limited mobility in your hands, either. The handles of this juicer are ergonomically designed for use by anybody, guaranteeing quick and easy use.

Cleaning is as simple as running the steel components under a cool tap – soapy water is optional. You can also use the juicer to create lemon juice to accompany cocktails or to drizzle over food.

Using this manual juicer ensures quick juice with a high yield. It’s much faster than setting up and waiting for an electric juicer to extract the goodness from your lemons or limes.

Good For:

  • Juicing lemons and limes
  • Small quantities of citrus juice for the food
  • Citrus juice as a cleaning product

Hamilton Beach 932 Juicer

A professional-standard juicer is always a substantial investment, whether electronic or manual. The same applies to the Hamilton Beach 932. This freestanding juicer stands at around 20 inches in height and weighs around ten pounds. There are certainly smaller, lighter, and cheaper alternatives available.

What you’ll struggle to find is an alternative that performs as well. This juicer copes admirably with any citrus fruit, from conventional lemons and limes to substantial grapefruit.

Pop your fruit on the top and crank the handle. With up to 2,000 pounds of force in a single pull, you won’t struggle to manage the juicer.

Cleaning involves taking the juicer apart, but that’s a quick and simple process. Just be careful while you do so, as the warranty is only for one year. Don’t lose any small components. Beyond this, you’re unlikely to experience any problems. This is a fantastic, commercial-grade juicer that can be used constantly without issue.

Good For:

  • Quick, silent operation
  • Smooth, pulp-free juice
  • Juicing any citrus fruits

New Star Foodservice 46878 Juicer

A cast-iron juicer is a great-looking addition to any kitchen. This model from New Star Foodservice is no exception. It looks utterly striking and thankfully performs to just as high a standard. You can make use of this juicer at home or in the workplace – it meets every need.

The components are dishwasher-safe, which makes cleaning a breeze. The yield of this appliance is also possibly the highest of any manual juicers on the market. The warranty is lacking and spare parts are very difficult to come by though, so handle your juicer with care.

The design is made with ergonomics in mind, so anybody can operate this juicer. The appliance also comes in a range of sizes, and you can even pick up a stainless bronze model if you prefer. For unfussy juicing of any ingredient at an appealing price point, this is juicer is well worth investigating.

Good For:

  • Dishwasher cleaning
  • Appealing aesthetics
  • Sturdy, dependable use with regularity

Zulay Professional Manual Juicer

Available in black steel or a cheerful (and appropriate) shade of orange, this is another great crank-handle citrus juicer. If you have a handful of oranges, lemons, limes, or similar, it’s a fantastic addition. This juicer can also cope with large fruits, but there are a couple of caveats to consider there.

This juicer is designed to accommodate anybody that struggles with their hands. The handles are ergonomic, and a pleasure to operate.

However, the handle can be a little temperamental. You’ll need to ensure that you cut your ingredients evenly to ensure a smooth juicing experience. This model also struggles with larger fruits, despite having a wider feeding chute.

Overall, as a professional standard juicer, you’re guaranteed a high performance from this Zulay appliance. You just need to learn – and avoid – its particular quirks and foibles. Cleaning is a cinch, though. You can settle for wet wipes if necessary. The juicer is also made in the USA, so you won’t struggle to find spare parts.

Good For:

  • Solid, heavyweight placement
  • Juicing of small and medium-sized citrus fruits
  • Variety of color designs

Wrap Up

This draws my journey into the world of manual juicers to a close. If you’re confident that your needs will be met with a manual model, be sure to investigate my recommended models.

You’ll reap the rewards and enjoy a long, happy relationship with your juicer.