How Much Juice is in a Lemon?

Lemons can make great additions to juice. There are many benefits to juicing lemons, including nutrition, increased longevity of juice, and weight loss. Learn how much juice is on a lemon, though. With these citrus fruits, a little goes a long way.

How Much Juice Does One Lemon Contain?

The average lemon will extract around two tablespoons of juice. That’s a single ounce of juice that, on paper, does not sound like much. After all, the average glass is around 8 ounces.

Having said that, have you ever tried to drink an entire glass of pure lemon juice? It is not very nice at all. Lemons are famously sour. You only need a small amount of lemon juice to gain the benefits.

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Take lemon water, for example. Many people drink lemon water to help them lose weight. It is believed that lemons can kickstart the metabolism of the human body. The juice of just half a lemon is considered enough to gain these benefits.

Having said that, the human body can comfortably absorb the juice of two lemons per day without issue. If you are making a pitcher of lemonade for a hot summer’s day, you could use as many as six.


How Should Lemons be Juiced?

As always with citrus fruits, you have two options for juicing lemons. You could use a manual juicer, which will simply extract the liquid. Alternatively, use a centrifugal or masticated juicer.

Manual juicing ensures that you will extract the maximum amount of juice from a lemon. More pure lemon juice means more Vitamin C. You’ll never sneeze again if you introduce this to your diet regularly!

How to Juice Lemon

There are benefits to using an electric juicer too, though. This will make use of the lemon peel. Just like the fruit inside the lemon, the peel is packed with goodness. As well as calcium and potassium, lemon peel contains natural healthy enzymes.

You can relax if you forget to remove the seeds from your lemon before juicing, too. Unlike apples, lemon seeds do not contain cyanide. Lemon seeds are believed to contain even more nutrients.

All the same, they are tough and not too tasty. The benefits are not worth the risk of broken teeth.

What are the Benefits of Adding Lemons to Juice?

We have established that lemon juice alone is not the more
appealing of drinks. By mixing the juice of a single lemon with another juice,
though, you’ll experience have a range of benefits.

The foremost of these is longer-lasting juice. Lemon juice can prolong the life of any ingredients used in a slow juicer. Just ensure they are kept in the refrigerator, ideally in an airtight container.

The other sizable benefit of lemon juice is its Vitamin C content. During the winter months, in particular, this will come in handy. One lemon alone will provide almost a third of your daily Vitamin C intake.

Combine this with other fresh fruit and vegetables and you’ll be fighting fit while all around you struggle with sniffles!