FAMTOP Juicer Review: Is This One Worth Your Consideration

The search for the perfect juicer is something that I have dedicated my career to. Thankfully, I don’t mind. Playing with different juicers, and learning their pros and cons, is my happy place!

When a new juicer unexpectedly finds its way to me, it’s an exciting time. That was the case with this FAMTOP model.

Just when I thought I was familiar with all the juicers on the market, a new contender emerges. Read on to learn whether I consider this appliance a worthy competitor!

I Haven’t Heard of FAMTOP Before

That’s hardly surprising. This brand is hardly a household name when it comes to kitchen gadgets. This brand is more
closely associated with air purifiers and humidifiers. Try not to let this put you off, though. If this appliance is anything to go by, FAMTOP will soon grow in popularity.

Is This is a Masticating Juicer?

Yes, this is a masticated juicer. It’s an affordable one at that, which is always good news. Expense is often a factor that deters people from investing in juicers of this ilk. More on that in a moment.

For now, rest assured that this is indeed a slow juicer. The appliance’s blades work at 80 rotations per minute, which is great news for anybody looking for healthy, nutritious juice. You’ll be able to enjoy all benefits of slow juicing with this model, for a price comparable to a centrifugal juicer.

What’s Good About This Appliance?

I have to say, I was hugely impressed with this juicer – especially when I learned how inexpensive it is. There are models
that boast more features, but for basic and uncomplicated juicing, I was impressed with the performance of this appliance.

This juicer has three modes, hard, soft, and reverse. The latter button is to prevent clogging. Hard and soft, meanwhile,
refers to the ingredients fed through.

Use the soft setting for oranges, berries, and similarly squidgy fruits. The hard setting takes care of root vegetables and tougher ingredients.

This is where this juicer comes into its own. For a budget model, this is a great celery juicer. It also copes well with leafy greens. You’ll have to feed these ingredients just once.

The yield is also impressive. You’ll gain far more nutrition from this model than you would from a centrifugal competitor. Roughly 80% of all nutrition from ingredients is retained.

In addition to coping well with many ingredients, this juicer was easy to clean. Once I mastered it, I had the whole thing disassembled and cleaned in less than two minutes. All it took was a rinse under a cold tap.

I managed to get around 20 minutes of continuous use before the juicer became clogged. The juicer is also very quiet
to operate. The motor runs at just 60 decibels.

For comparison, that’s roughly the volume of a standard conversation.

famtop juicer

This FAMTOP juicer is available in two colors, red or gray. The performance is identical. so that’s just an aesthetic
choice based on your preferences.

The warranty for this appliance is a single year, but that’s fine. You may decide to upgrade after this time – this model is a brilliant introduction to juicing.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

I have mentioned how inexpensive this juicer is, and I have praised many features of it. You would be well within your rights to wonder where the catch is. So far, this FAMTOP appliance seems too good to be true.

I’ll be honest, there is little to criticize this model for. However, there is also no reason to buy this juicer if you already have one. There is nothing wrong with it – but if you’re looking to upgrade, you may be better served looking for something with a few more bells and whistles.

If you’re looking to nitpick, other faults could be found. For example, the pulp of this juicer is not entirely dry. At least some juice – and by extension, some nutrition – remains in the strained remnants.

This is not enough to be a major issue. However, if you compare the pulp of this juicer to another, more established,
brand, it may not come out on top. In addition, some vegetables may be comparatively stringy.

Please allow me to stress, though – that’s a like-for-like comparison, against models that are considerably more expensive
and established. If you have never used a juicer before, you won’t notice these problems.

So, is This Juicer a Worthy Investment?

For first-time juicer users, I would not hesitate to recommend this appliance. It’s quiet, it’s easy to clean, and it’s hugely cost-effective. You’ll be hard pushed to find a better celery juicer or an appliance that can handle leafy greens better, within this price range.

Naturally, this juicer doesn’t compare to more elaborate models. It’s very much a basic appliance, and it’s marketed as such. If you’re a juicing enthusiast, don’t look to FAMTOP to upgrade your current gadget. You’ll end up disappointed.

If you’re keen to find out if juicing is for you, however, this appliance will answer your question in a fun and cost-effective manner. It performs every task you could hope for in an unfussy, uncomplicated way.